It is indigo dye that makes the beautiful blues of the rustic country cotton textiles of Japan. Working with dyers and weavers of families who have spent a lifetime in this work, Mary Taguchi has researched and collected patterns from the past. She has been instrumental in the revival of a number of these cloths.

Her collection includes new stencilled katazome cottons, woven shima stripes, woven kasuri, sashiko stitching and woven sakiori. All of her fabric patterns are historical rather than contemporary. Off cuts are always available.

Katazome: stencilled cotton

Stencilled cotton 112cm wide  $125/m
Plain indigo cotton 112cm wide $95/m

Meaning ‘dyed with a stencil’, katazome is created by using a stencil or screen of paper or cloth. Paste resist is applied to cotton cloth over the stencil, to block out areas that are to remain white.  After dyeing, the paste will be washed away to reveal the white areas. This cloth is particularly suitable for furnishings.

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  • Katazome SA0143
  • Katazome OS1147
  • Katazome SA0226
  • Katazome OS1317
  • Katazome OS1335
  • Katazome OS1659
  • Katazome SA0052
  • Katazome SA0067

Kasuri: woven cotton

Patterned cotton 38cm wide $35/m
Plain indigo cotton 38cm wide $30/m

Meaning ‘blurred’, kasuri is created by weaving together thread that has been pre-dyed with a calculated pattern. Thread is first bound with string in predetermined areas, then dyed repeatedly in vats of indigo. After the bindings are removed, white areas will be revealed; in the weaving the pattern takes shape, either by weft alone, or warp alone, or by both warp and weft in combination. This cloth is particularly suitable for clothing, quilting.

Samples are indicative only.  For further information about stock, please see Contact page to make enquiries

  • Kasuri
  • Kasuri
  • Kasuri
  • Kasuri

Shima: woven stripes, cotton

Striped cotton 38cm wide $35/m

Samples are indicative only.

  • Shima
  • Shima

Off Cuts: all cotton

200gr $25/bag

Assorted pieces, in size and type.

  • Off cuts
  • Off cuts

Old cloths

Wide variety, various sizes/prices.

  • Old cloths
  • Old cloths